I had just finished ministering at a week long Pastors & Leaders conference in a remote part of the Highlands in Papua New Guinea when a woman of God leaned over to me and said, "Empty out your bilum (handwoven bag)." I was a bit confused but I followed her instruction and turned the bilum upside down, inside out, and poured out all it's contents on the seat next to me. The host Pastor then called me up to the pulpit again, hung the now empty bilum around my neck and invited the congregation to come forward and give a love offering to bless me. One by one, hundreds of men, women, and children came running down to the Altar to embrace me and in so doing place a handful of coins, a crumpled K2 or K10 note, and a few K20 and K50 notes down in my bilum. These were not town folk, they were mostly humble ples lain, many uneducated and unemployed, but they gave out of the abundance of their heart and faith. The heavier that bilum grew around my neck the more my tears of gratitude flowed to greet the river of their generosity. The Holy Spirit spoke to me saying, "In order for you to be filled you must first be empty. You had to pour out everything else in order to receive this blessing. I desire that you LIVE EMPTY so that I might bless you."