a journey of redemption among a thousand tribes

"For seven years I labored in obscurity, just a random and often ridiculed White boy walking the dusty roads guided only by a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night and known solely by the color of my hair and the message I haltingly articulated. But, in His perfect time, Abba drew me out of the shadows and revealed me for a purpose. I became a Mordecai, an intercessor for every Esther calling out for justice from within a thousand tribes. I embraced destiny and RAN towards my purpose."

-Rev. Stephen Michael Leach


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     The core purpose and mandate of this Ministry is that of proclaiming the message of purity, holy justice, transformation, and Pentecost. Our purpose is to awaken the lethargic Church to return to Her place of primitive power and holiness. 

     Our mandate is to reach every tribe, every tongue, and every nation with the yoke breaking Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that it is our calling as believers to not only preach the Gospel of Jesus, but to put that Gospel into tangible practice by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, caring for the dying, and visiting the captives. 

     Our core purpose is to usher in the Kingdom of which there shall be no end, facilitate tribal transformation, and to raise up an anointed generation of Intercessors and nation changers in full apostolic power.